What are Ongoing Dialogues?

Jazz changes constantly. So does jazz education. Taking the models of classical music education at first, the teaching, and learning in jazz matured in the 1980s and obtained an identity of its own. The stages of the evolution in jazz education were always presented in the 'Ongoing Dialogues' during IASJ Jazz Meetings.

The Ongoing Dialogues are a platform, a crossroad, a forum, a think-tank, a brainstorm session.

During the IASJ Jazz Meeting, teachers and directors are invited to participate in and contribute to the 'Ongoing Dialogues'. The keynote of Dana Hall is the red thread during this year's meeting. Other topics that you can find on this page, are presented as well.

Ongoing Dialogues, 2023 IASJ Jazz Meeting

Monday, June 26
3pm IASJ Journal Kurt Ellenberger (online), Wouter Turkenburg
4pm Composition in Jazz Education
panel discussion with Ed Partyka, Ken Schaphorst, Frank Carlberg and Felipe Salles

Tuesday, June 27
10:30am Keynote: Dr. Dana Hall
3pm Jazz Education Worldwide, short presentations followed by panel discussion
Martin Zenker and Mandukhai Tugstogtokh (JazzLab Mongolia)
Dion Janapria (Jakarta, Indonesia)
Abhisek Bhadra (Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory, Nepal)
Mariano Abello (Jazz Education Abroad)

Wednesday, June 28
3pm IASJ And Diversity
panel discussion with Jari Perkiömäki, Dana Hall, Keller Coker, Selma Savolainen
5pm Jazz History Out of Order presented online by Josiah Boornazian

Saturday, July 1
10am Hybrid Teaching Applications
Doozzoo, presented online by Thomas Gier