2022-2023 IASJ Service Bureau Report and IASJ Executive Director Report

In 2022-2023 Wouter Turkenburg operated in a dual role for the IASJ:

  • IASJ Service Bureau Coordinator
  • IASJ Executive Director

IASJ Executive Director
The tasks of the Executive Director were non-paid, as is stated in the statutes.

The main tasks were:

  • maintaining contacts with and servicing the IASJ membership;
  • Zoom meetings with the IASJ Board and the IASJ Artistic Director;
  • (co)organizing the 2023 IASJ Jazz Meeting in Helsinki;
  • visiting and preparing for the 2024 IASJ Jazz Meeting in Tel Aviv;
  • reaching out to possible host schools for IASJ Jazz Meetings in 2025 and later;
  • preparing for the 2023 IASJ Research Conference in Graz, Austria, in November;
  • preparing a presentation together with Kurt Ellenberger for the 2023 GMTH Conference in Freiburg, Germany, in October
  • publishing of the IASJ Research Journal.

IASJ Service Bureau Coordinator
The payment for administrative work of the IASJ Service Bureau Coordinator was sources out via a payroll service called TenToo. Space is rented one day a week in a ‘flex-office’ in Leiden, called Unit2. The achieves of the IASJ are in a 12m2 box in ‘All-Safe’, a self-storage building.

The main tasks of the SBC were:

  • cleaning up the membership database;
  • handling the payment of membership fee of 70 contacts to individual, ordinary and associate members;
  • switching to the cloud-based bookkeeping system called MoneyBird;
  • setting up financial; reports such as the ledger-account and the five-year report together with the bookkeeper;
  • collecting information, writing, editing and sending out the monthly ‘IASJ Update’ to over 200 subscribers;
  • moving the IASJ websites to a new, less expensive and better manageable ISP (internet service provider);
  • digitalization of the IASJ achieve.