The Overthinkers

Aviv Blum, alto saxophone
Hjalmar Nordkvist, trombone
Iacopo Teolis, trumpet
Noah Stoneman, piano
Toon Rumen, bass
Yanis le Masle, drums
Dave Liebman, coach

The Overthinkers - Playlist

Easy Bop - Aviv Blum
Overthinker - Yanis Le Masle
Töölö Blues - Hjalmar Nordkvist
Father’s Day - Iacopo Teolis
We Must Remember Clifford - Iacopo Teolis
Finland - Noah Stoneman

Venue: Black Box, Sibelius Academy, Music Centre, Helsinki, Finland

The venue offers seating for about 300 visitors. It is provided with a state-of-the-art light system, sound system and video recording facilities.

The excellent grand piano, the Hammond organ with Leslie boxes, the drum set and the amplifiers, greatly supported the musicians to perform their music.


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