The Helsinki Pop & Jazz Conservatory,  the Helsinki Polytechnic Stadia inlay front 300x300and the Sibelius Academy: the three 2002 host schools in Helsinki joined forces to create a cd of the six ensembles. A unique documentation of the soon-to-be-professionals who participated in the 2002 IASJ Jazz Meeting. Their first steps on the path to professionalism.

Thanks to producer David Liebman and the coaches of the six ensembles: Katchie Cartwright, USA; Jerome Tomas, Switzerland; Claudio Fasoli, Italy; Guri Agmon, Israel; Glenn Ferris, France; Pedro Moreira, Portugal; Bill Warfield, USA; Mats Holtne, Sweden; Pekka Pylkkänen, Finland; Ellen Rowe, USA; Gary Keller, USA; Jarmo Hoogendijk, The Netherlands.

NIcole Johänntgen in New OrleansThe opening track, composed by Nicole Johänntgen: Nothing like it seems:

Markus HangselThe second track, composed by Markus Hängsel:  Melody # 1:

The third track, composed by Tal Kopstein: Song at the Sea:


Salit Lahav2 1200x800The fourth track, composed by Salit Lahav: Juttutupa (name of a delicious restaurant):


Philip Rehmm1200x800

The fifth track, composed by Philipp Rehm, Ill Blues:

Thre sixth track, Composed by Andriyu Ivchenko, White Nights:



The seventh track, composed by Lasse Sakara, Boogie Grasse:


2002 IASJ Helsinki cd inlay